Quality Insight Minds is a provider of information technology solutions, assisting businesses in developing software products and automating day to day operations by bringing additional value of own knowledge and experience. Our Team of successful managers, engineers and architects is ready to share their expertise in software architecture, quality assurance and product engineering services. As a custom software development company QIMinds manages production and delivery processes to enable your business to use latest and most competitive technology solutions

IT solutions for various technologies and industries

QIMinds has been accumulating expertise and providing IT solutions in Web Development and Mobile Web Apps technologies, namely HTML5, Microsoft ASP.NET MVC, PHP technology in a number of business domains: travel, e-commerce, sales and marketing.

  Agile-based process

We understand that the business environment is constantly evolving, and, to be remain competitive, your product should reflect changes as they happen. To constantly meet those challenges and at the same time to deliver successful projects timely and on budget, we use a well-known and proven Agile approach .

Professional IT-consulting and project delivery

Extensive knowledge, well executed projects and years of business experience in custom software application development are what our customers appreciate. There are no secrets in our delivery process. we commit ourselves to implement the project, execute it and even try to go beyond this in our efforts to bring the additional value to our customer's business.
Experienced team of talented people

Our talented professionals are the greatest assets of QIMinds: system architects, managers, quality assurance, sales people and developers who work as one team and serve customers in a way that helps them to meet their business goals. To achieve these high standards of doing business we hire people carefully help them to grow and develop in their professions. By outsourcing software development services to Quality Insight Minds you gain access to the entire team and ability to manage them as your own business department .

We deliver information technology solutions worldwide

Custom Development