Mobile Application Development

Mobile Development

Full spectrum of Mobile Application Development
QIMinds is at the forefront of mobile application development and design. We have the ability to develop any kind of mobile app for any purpose across any mobile platform and device, through our experience of mobile application development spanning many different sectors. Our mobile application development capability extends the breadth of mobile platforms and devices from old to new, with Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and the newest smartphones using Symbian as just a few examples of what we can do.

Mobile Apps developed for every use
We are experts in innovative mobile application development built with the end user in mind, whatever your requirements are. Our mobile app developers can work with you to deliver a custom mobile app that works for you and your end user. We are specialists in Enterprise mobile development too. Our experienced consultants can work alongside you, to understand the business and processes and scope out a mobile application development project which will drive your mobile strategy across a department or across an enterprise.

Mobile Apps developed for every platform
Our teams of experienced mobile app developers are highly skilled in established and emerging technologies such as HTML5. We develop mobile solutions and mobile apps for a wide range of sectors which run across many platforms and mobile devices. Our capability covers the full range of mobile operating platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile including Windows phone 7, and Symbian OS.
Our Mobile apps can run on many tablets and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) and EDAs (Enterprise Digital Assistants) from the older versions of the iPhone and iPad, as well as BlackBerry and smartphones that use Symbian or Android OS.

Creatively developed apps that perform
We have highly skilled mobile application designers who can create the most innovative and cutting edge mobile apps that are completely custom built for your needs ensuring they are highly interactive, easy to use and functional. Our developers are technically accomplished as well as highly creative so not only will your app be functional, but it will look good too, reflecting the individuality of your brand and your business. Motivating the user and producing positive emotions and brand associations important in creating a good user experience.
We can adapt technology such as augmented reality and use this to create mobile apps that could put your virtual products into your user�s reality or a mobile app that will deliver information to your users. We can use the technology that is contained in some high end smartphones such as NFC (near field communication), this allows data to be transferred from a chip to the smartphone.
Our mobile application development team can provide you with the right app to push forward your mobile strategy and take your business from the web to mobile.