Assessing the production readiness of your application

Ascertaining the effective performance of an application under realistic conditions. QIMinds performance testing services help you get a precise picture of end-to-end system performance before going live, to verify that applications meet specified performance benchmarks, and avoid issues in production.

Identifying and reducing performance bottlenecks

Quality Insight Minds brings an array of performance testing services to determine performance issues in the system when the application is running in real time scenario. In addition, we identify the system interoperability with other applications in the system, and evaluate compliance of the project with specified performance attributes.

The performance testing services suite by QIMinds includes performance benchmarking, load & stress testing, capacity analysis, network bandwidth verification, and more. The expert team of certified QA professionals in QIMinds leverages the latest automation tools to minimize risks, and optimize and align business processes with desired outcome.

Guaranteeing reliability and scalability

Quality Insight Minds puts significant consideration and diligence to ensure reliability of applications, and provides visible deliverables (Assessment report, Test strategy/plan, Test scripts, Test scenarios, Test results) at every step of performance testing. If need be, we work with the development team to incorporate architectural changes and fine-tune performance to meet the targeted performance criteria.

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