Identifying and mitigating security risks

Examining all components of your application against internal and external vulnerabilities. Quality Assurance Minds brings a powerful set of security testing services that uses risk-based approaches, based on system architecture, to gauge software security adequately.

Integrating security testing throughout the lifecycle

QIMinds understands the importance of your mission critical data, software and business processes. We provide a comprehensive set of security testing services that detect design and implementation flaws to provide you an overview of security, and effectiveness of your applications, configurations, and processes.

QIMinds protects your valuable data against threats, viruses, and attacks, through stringent code reviews, network level evaluation, application level evaluation, and enterprise level evaluation. Our team of QA experts follows a solution-oriented and structured approach that includes application security architecture analysis, code scanning and analysis, design validation with vulnerability audit checklist, test planning, design and execution, and threat identification, reporting and eventual closure.

Building an effectual security shield

Quality Insight Minds offers scope-driven security testing services, providing you complete control over quality and security of your system. Our dedicated QA teams formulate project-specific methodologies, tailored as per your business objectives, to fulfill both long term and short term goals.

Know how QIMinds can help you with your security challenges. Contact Us for more details on our security testing services.

Testing Solutions