Managed Services

Test Center

QIMinds provides off-site testing services through its innovative Testing Center that provides cutting edge testing tools to facilitate off site software testing in terms functional Testing, Automated regression testing, performance testing and usability testing. The Center also provides for off-site test tool administration and management of test environments. This enables to not only offer the best of breed software quality assurance and software testing services but to also offer cost effective services by reducing the infrastructure costs associated with test tools and test environments.

Independent Verification

QIMinds acts as an independent party that validates the implementation post configuration by throwing day-to-day logical scenarios as well as negative scenarios to benchmark system robustness and readiness to go live. Defects are identified during pre-production testing and prioritised for fixing as per the business risk that it poses. Independent testing allows for an objective look at quality issues.


QIM-TF TCoE is a framework developed by QIMinds for the initialisation and management of a testing center of excellence whereby testing is centralised as a service to multiple business units or application streams. A testing process framework to support all test types defined within the service model will be implemented. The framework will include all necessary support processes such as testing standards, defect management, test environment management, test scoping/ prioritisation, test tool management, test data management and detailed communication plan to ensure the open flow of information. 


Testing Solutions